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Rinnai Hot water catalogue

deluxe bathroom controller


To make the most of your Rinnai Continuous Flow hot water experience, we suggest installing of at least one of our Rinnai water controllers.

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hotflo tank hero single 600x371

Electric storage

Our hardworking range of single and twin element Hotflo Electric hot water storage systems are available in various capacities. From our super compact 25

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HERO S26 web 600x371

Infinity Series 6 star

Designed with the environment in mind and with leading efficiencies across the range, low emission burners, Puretemp™ temperature control technology and better water conservation

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P SystemF 600x371

Prestige Range

Our hot water units are highly regarded for their innovation and superior quality, and our range of Prestige Solar Hot Water Systems are no

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Infinity 26 600x371

Solar Gas Boosters

ll of our gas boosted solar hot water systems utilise a dedicated continuous flow unit built around the same technology as the Rinnai Infinity,

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Evac tubes sunmaster 600x370

Sunmaster Range

Our Sunmaster solar range is designed to maximise the free energy from the sun. Environmentally friendly and cost effective, we’ve developed 3 types of

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