Condensation Control

Crying windows (condensation) is the most obvious symptom that a home has inadequate ventilation.  Other symptoms include mould, mildew and musty smells.WarmNdry is a Positive Pressure Ventilation System designed specifically to improve air quality by introducing fresh air and expelling stale air in an automatic and controller manner.  The traditional WarmNdry utilizes the roof space to provide solar heat gain and allow ducting to distribute air through the building.  Houses with flat roofs require a solar air heating panel to be mounted so that the fresh outside air is heated before being introduced into the home.


The humidity level (moisture in the air)  increases during winter as we attempt to keep the heat in  and cold out.  Draughty houses usually don’t have condensation however they are cold due to them being over-ventilated.   Houses that are too air-tight tend to be the ones with the most condensation problems.   A home needs to be energy efficient but not at the expense of air quality.  The WarmNdry ventilation system provides the means to control the amount of ventilation a house needs and can take advantage of solar heat gain when available.

Ventilation has been proven to reduce humidity, dust mites, mould and fungal spores (trigger for many asthma and allergy sufferers).  WarmNdry is made in Tasmania for Tasmanian conditions and comes with a 3 year on-site warranty and performance guarantee.

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