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Pellet Grill BBQ

First shipment has arrived and exclusive to Pellet Fires Tasmania !

BBQs are on display in the our Hobart and Launceston showrooms.


B2 RRP $699
B3 RRP $999

Remember the taste of food cooked over a fire ?Also remember the smoke in your eyes ?
You can now go back to wood but without the hassles with the new Pellet Grill from Pellet Fires Tasmania.

The new Pellet Grill BBQ is the most innovative BBQ cooking system available on the market today, thanks to its special pellet burner which allows you to cook without any Gas or Electricity.

  • Stainless steel Pellet Burner holds up to 2kg of pellet fuel
  • Heavy enamelled cast iron cooking plate (60 X 38 cm). Flat and ribbed sides.
  • 1 to 4 hours cooking time with a single fill.
  • Stainless steel role back hood.
  • Drip pan.
  • No gas or power consumption.
  • Quick and easy lighting.
  • No smoke.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Uses economical pellet fuel only.

The combustion system is based on pyrolysis, creating almost no smoke as it burns and very little ash. The pellet burner is safe and environmentally-friendly: no gas bottles no power required, no risk of explosion. The pellet fuel used is the same as what we already use for our pellet heaters and comes in a handy 15kg bag at around 0.70 cents per kilo.

Pellet fuel is around 80% cheaper than LPG gas.

Example: If you roast for about 3 hours each time, expect 7 roasts from a single 15kg bag of pellets which costs $10. To get the same amount of roasting using an LPG BBQ will require 2 gas bottle refills which will cost around $50.
Simply add pellets and light using a firelighter or 1/2 a cup of pellets with a little bit of mentholated spirits.

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Watch a youtube video Pellet Grill Demo

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