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3 Capes Track – Parks and Wildlife

Visitor information page  – pellet heaters installed and working in the cabins and ranger huts along the Three Capes Track.

The 46-kilometre track has been designed as an achievable experience for a wide range of ages and abilities. It’s been built to a dry-boot standard from a range of materials, including timbers, stone and gravel and is about one-metre wide, wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side.

The journey begins with walkers checking in at the Port Arthur Historic Site. A Pennicott Wilderness Journeys cruise then delivers walkers to the start of the track at Denmans Cove. Over four days and three nights, walkers will cover the 46 kilometres, taking in tall eucalypt forests, coastal heath and Australia’s highest sea cliffs.


Evenings are spent in warm and comfortable environmentally-sensitive cabins at Surveyors, Munro and Retakunna.

Pellet Heaters

Nine Round style 9kw pellet heaters are installed providing all the heat required for the accommodation cabins and the rangers stations.  The heater all have battery backup and solar panels to provide the small amount of electricity required to run the heater electronics.

Free standing Midi European style heaters
9 kw max heat output.
Battery backup
Thermostat and programmable timer.
Auto ignition.

link to the official 3 capes website

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