Mures Restaurant

Visitor information page  –  pellet heaters installed and working at Mures Lower Deck Restaurant on the Hobart waterfront.


Jill & George Mure established Mures Fish House in 1973 in Battery Point, Hobart. When they struggled to source quality, fresh, local seafood, George went fishing.
More than 40 years on, now owned by Will & Jude Mure, Mures Tasmania remains a vertically integrated Tasmanian business from hook to plate that still loves quality, fresh, local seafood.

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At Home

Will and Jude Mure are strong advocates for all things Renewable and Sustainable and purchased a Pellet Heater for their own home in 2013.

And now at Work

Two pellet heaters were installed in the Lower Deck Restaurant in July 2017 to provide separate comfortable sitting lounges for our customers to enjoy.

Pellet Heating information

Pellet Fires Tasmania has installed 2 pellet heaters in the restaurant to provide a comfortable experience and introduce bio-energy to patrons and visitors.

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