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Pellet heater maintenance schedule

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Preventative Maintenance Service

The best time to get your heaters serviced is in summer while discounts apply or DIY.

Regular and routine maintenance is required to keep your pellet heater working in tip top condition year after year.  The heater owner needs to adhere to the daily and weekly maintenance requirements and ensure that an annual service is completed.

Pellet Fires Tasmania can undertake the Level 1 and or level  2 Annual Maintenance on behalf of the customer between the 1st September and the 28th February or DIY anytime.

Please note that Level 3 can only be completed by service technicians that have been authorised by PFTas. Unauthorized access to the heater programing system will result in the cancelation of warranty due to the possibility of making the appliance non-compliant to the required standards.

Interested in  DIY ? we suggest that you pay for the first annual service and observe our technician so that you will be familiar with your particular heater model and what is involved in doing the service yourself.

Regular owners tasks



As required

DIY or Service Department Tasks

Annual Level 1 - Ash removal (Deep clean)

Annual Level 2 - Parts replacement and testing

PFTas Authorised technicians only

Annual Level 3 – System balancing and programming

Rebuild in PFTas workshops